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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


Jérémie Lagarrigue 

// Description of activity

EODev develops and industrializes hydrogen-powered zero emission energy solutions for land and maritime applications. Its electro-hydrogen 100kVA power generator GEH2 is ideal for marinas to provide emergency / back up and additional power when electricity is scarce, or for off grid solutions. It can be stacked up to 10 units and is delivered as a ‘‘plug and play’’ solution.

// Solution or Product description

The GEH2 electro-hydrogen power generator delivers up to 100kVA of clean electricity using a PEM fuel cell to transform hydrogen into electricity. As it comes with a buffer battery, it provides almost instant start and efficiency, unlike any diesel generator. The GEH2 is of course silent and does not emit any CO2, NOx, SOx and fine particulates, but only water and heat through the process.

// Unique selling proposition

The GEH2 comes with financing / leasing and short term rental solutions to make the decision of energy transition to clean products as easy and affordable as possible.

// Differentiation

The GEH2 is currently the most efficient solution already available. Packaged as a plug and play product, it comes with its own PMS, can easily be transported and includes remote data monitoring.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

This is the core mission of our company and its products: to develop low carbon, zero emission solutions as alternatives to diesel whenever and wherever possible or needed.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina