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Waste Management
Waste Management


Green City Organisation

// Description of activity

Our startup designs solutions for monitoring and protecting the sea. Our patented solution captures waste before it reaches the sea, and targets rainwater drain outlets, especially those in ports and marinas before waste spills into the sea. Monitored in real time, our device also collects data on water quality.

// Solution or Product description

Captures waste, from cigarette butt-size and up, at rain water drain outlets, on land or underwater, using a ring that enables a net to be attached to the outlet. Device is monitored in real time with an alert warning if the net gets too full. Smart device which collects data: transforms a drain outlet into a water quality measuring station. 

// Unique selling proposition

Designed for underwater drain outlets (mostly in coastal towns, ports and marinas) and monitored in real time. Collects data on the port’s water quality.

// Differentiation

Ensures drain network is not overloaded (risk of flooding upstream if net is too full) by a patented mechanical contact breaker. Monitored in real time. Suitable for underwater drain outlets. 

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Internet of Things embedded low tech device. 30-year guaranteed ring designed to be adaptable to the local production tool. Development via technology transfer to maximise both envionmental and social impacts.