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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation



// Description of activity

H2X-ECOSYSTEMS develops ecosystems in industrial areas and territories, by manufacturing solutions to produce, to distribute, and to consume renewable H2, and by installing mobility solutions via hybrid solar/hydrogen vehicles. H2X-ECOSYSTEMS offers an innovative business model where the value created remains in the territory by combining electrolysers, renewable energies, and mobility.

// Solution or Product description

H2X-ECOSYSTEMS, in collaboration with ENEDIS, is developing a 350 KVA (400V, 50Hz) renewable Electro Hydrogen group (H2X-G350, (Labelled Smart Port City)). The size is a 30ft HIcube container weighing 16000kg. Mounted on a trailer on a classic 19T truck, it is easily usable on temporary sites and can be brought to the ground using a lifting crane or a hydraulic system attached to the trailer.

// Unique selling proposition

We propose to offer customers to transform sustainably and to decarbonise their activities by recycling local resources and maintaining added value that was locally created.

// Differentiation

Our solution is different:
– Our equipment is the most powerful in France and probably in Europe,
– The energy loss is recycled as well as that from the hot air conditioning and hot water supply. 

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

H2X-ECOSYSTEMS contributes to sustainability in developing products and projects on three founding pillars:
– The symbiotic economy
– The 17 Sustainable Development Goals
– Standard 37101: 2016.

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