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Leif Stavøstrand 

// Description of activity

Evoy strives to deliver an irresistible boating experience by designing long-lasting electric boat motors: inboard and outboard systems, accelerating the transition to sustainable electric boating.

// Solution or Product description

Evoy design, develop, and deliver powerful 100% electric motor systems outboard and inboard, made in Norway. Evoy’ systems are built for fast and powerful boats between 20 and 50 ft, bringing the superiority of electric leisure and commercial boating into new markets with Evoy’s ground-breaking technology. Currently, Evoy offers a 100% electric outboard engine system at 150hp (200hp peak), the fastest WW, and a 400hp (800hp peak) inboard engine both compatible with AC/DC chargers, and OTA software updates. 

// Unique selling proposition

Evoy’s systems are agnostic to boat type. The brand is proposing multiple boats powered by Evoy through its partner program. Dedicated to various markets from leisure to commercial uses.

// Differentiation

Evoy inboard and outboard 100% electric boat motors are the strongest systems available on the market with continuous power between 120 to 800 HP at peak and long lasting batteries, perfect for customers that need power.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

One system from Evoy typically cuts 50 tons CO2 annually (compare to a fossil solution), with: no noise pollution, no oil loss, zero emissions, reduced maintenance costs and high safety standards. This is Evoy’mission.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina