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Water Optimisation
Water Optimisation


EZPack Water Ltd.


Alex Harel

// Description of activity

EZPack® Water Ltd. is a private company, which develops, manufactures and markets unique proprietary solutions for water applications, and is focusing on OFF-GRID clean water solutions which include:
– EZCond -proprietary atmospheric water generator (AWG). 
– EZPuro – compact robotic water purification and desalination system. 
– Thermoflex – hybrid water heating system.
– Water stoarge solutions based on proprietary bladders that eliminate maintenance and cleaning.

// Solution or Product description

EZCond – atmospheric water generator (AWG) based on proprietary concept of storing energy in water.
EZPuro – compact-robotic water purification and desalination system.
Thermoflex – hybrid water heating system.

// Unique selling proposition

We are offering compact, simple to operate and cost-effective products, that can supply clean water when no electricity grid is available.

// Differentiation

When designing the products, we focus on systems that can work off-grid. We pay attention to low energy consumption and to working with solar systems with minimum electricity storage to reduce cost.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Since our focus is on off-grid clean water solutions, all our products have a low carbon footprint, and are based on green energy.

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