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Developed by Blue Innov and used by over 800 boats, Finsulate is a sustainable alternative to the antifouling paints. Inspired by nature, Finsulate is a biomimicry system using sea urchin quills. It prevents fouling mechanically with its small fibers. No biocides, no chemical substances, Finsulate is a unique auto adhesive with a 5year+ lifespan. It can be applied on all surfaces (polyester, aluminium, wood, stain…).


Finsulate antifouling is a unique auto adhesive. Tiny spines on the surface of the Finsulate film prevent the attachment of algae, mussels or other organisms. The only chance for organisms to attach is on the outer end of those tiny spines. But from there they can easily be brushed off (in or outside the water).


For large vessels with displacement hulls, the fuel saving can be up to 10%. Saving on maintenance costs makes it profitable from the 3rd year.


Finsulate is the only sustainable alternative to antifouling paints.

No toxic substances in the ocean
• Lifetime at least 5 years
• Could be applied to all surfaces (wood, alu, polyester, steel)
• Savings in maintenance (sanding, painting)
Easy to clean


Commercialization of Finsulate to shipbuilders, shipowners, etc. to create new business before a new fund raising project next year. Codevelopment with marinas: to give the opportunity to marinas to show the example by applying Finsulate on their service boats for instance. Collaboration with foundations, marinas, public institutions to raise awareness of better maintenance practices.

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