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Humint Consulting

// Description of activity

– Maritime Cybersecurity;
– Training on techniques and attack used in the field of intelligence and industrial espionage;
– Crisis management for mitigating the impacts of cyberattacks, with focus on Human Behavior;
– Compliance in security, cybersecurity and privacy;
– Open Source Intel (OSINT) and Social Medial Intel (SOCMINT) activities;
– Geo-strategic analysis.

// Solution or Product description

Risk assessments and remediation implementation for critical vessel systems. Implementation of secure networks and device level security for guests and crew. Design, validations, and implementation of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework. Continuous network monitoring for operational vessel and superyachts with remote control center active 24/7.

// Unique selling proposition

Marine Shield Solution is a one-stop-shop for (i) compliance with IMO 2021 regulations on cybersecurity, allowing yachts’ captains to demonstrate and show evidence that yacht’s cyber security risk management is part of the yacht’s safety plan and (ii) a complete assessment against all cyber risks to which a vessel and its crew and guests might be exposed.

// Differentiation
Our unique “Marine Shield Solution” is able to prevent, detect and assess all cyber risks to which a vessel is exposed meaning bridge control, propulsion and power, navigation, loading and stability, safety, communication, operation and network security as well as supply chain.
// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Humint Consulting adopts a “Sustainable Cybersecurity Approach” in which stakeholders’ interactions with the ICT ecosystem are understood and deliberate. Cybersecurity plays a pivotal role in core sustainability practices and to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina