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Mirvais Yousefi

// Description of activity

We are developing an anti-collision and navigation aid for the shipping industry, based on Lidar, Camera, Computer Vision and Robotic Perception and AI technologies. We aim to provide 360 degrees situational awareness to the sea-navigator. Our system is insensitive to rain, snow, fog, splash and time of day and can outperform any existing solution on the market.

// Solution or Product description

Using a combination of Lidar & camera, AI and Computer vision technology, we deliver a 360 degrees near vessel situational awareness to the sailor/navigator.
We fill the gap between 1m to 1km – that cannot reliably be covered by radar or AIS – with high-accuracy (+/- 10 cm), weather and daylight independent information of the surrounding of the vessel. Our system is also suitable for marinas.

// Unique selling proposition

– Unique Lidar & Camera based safety technology;
– Daylight, rain, snow, fog and splash proof technology;
– More Accurate than competitors;
– Lowest cost to performance ratio;
– Uses Robotic Perception with AI to make the sea safer.

// Differentiation

We aim to enter with a $15k price tag, while offering a better range, accuracy and especially better performance in fog, rain, snow and under splash.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

– We are working towards Autonomous shipping, which will have huge impact on fuel safety;
– Our system can collect power using solar cells to minimize the impact on vessel energy consumption;
– Minimal accidents = Minimal waste.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina