Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina


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// Description of activity

Nauticspot provides smart marina solutions to improve marina management and services for boaters.

// Solution or Product description

Nauticspot provides several complementary solutions:
1) Real time berth supervision with sensors 
– Shellspot: a presence sensor on the pontoon
– Oceanspot: a smart mooring buoy

2) A mobile App to provide services for boaters such as weather, absence, chat, marketplace, incident alerts…

3) Safe Marina: an AI solution based on security cameras to help security agents in the marina.

// Unique selling proposition

We are digitalizing marina management, increasing efficiency, incomes and tourism activity around the marina.

// Differentiation

We provide an end-to-end solution combining hardware and software to our customers, a virtually tailor-made solution just for them. We also have a B2B2C solution dealing with marinas with boaters as end users.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

We are reducing environment impacts with our smart buoy, giving all the stats on mouvements, reducing fuel consumption for marinas to check mooring area, etc.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina