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Frédéric Marantier

// Description of activity

A movable pontoon system for harbours & marinas making it possible to increase berth numbers by up to between +25 to 40% (Veritas approved; patent granted). Eco friendly wood & bamboo pontoons that can be gathered into floating platforms (functional; patented).

// Solution or Product description is a movable floating pontoon system that offers great flexibility for installation. A simple, modular, scalable solution for moving pontoons to gain more slips in a harbour and solve the generalised problem of lack of berths which is slowing the yachting industry’s development.

// Unique selling proposition optimises the area afloat in marinas making it possible to increase the number of berths by up to between +25 to 40% for zones that accommodate 6m to 12m vessels. System can be implemented without need of any structural extension to existing harbours.

// Differentiation

A simple space-saving storage system for harbours and marinas with actuated movement of pontoons that can be implemented without major infrastructure extension works to existing harbours & marinas. Security benefits: anti-theft system. Bureau Veritas certified.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

The is adaptable and can be applied to existing or renovated pontoons as well as new ones. Mooring chains are removed. No need to build a new harbor!

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina