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Pick a Pier


Idam Cohen
Co-founder & CEO

// Description of activity

Pick a Pier was founded in 2017 with the mission of making boating more accessible, convenient and sustainable. The Pick a Pier platform optimises the use of marina berths through sharing economy principles to reduce the need for new marinas, protecting the environment. With unique tools developed specifically for the industry, Pick a Pier promotes maritime tourism and increased profitability and sustainability for the recreational boating industry.

// Solution or Product description

We are creating the first international marketplace for transient berths, enabling marinas around the world to reach a global audience and grow their businesses while reducing their carbon imprint by optimizing their existing berthing supply.

// Unique selling proposition

Pick a Pier offers the only digital marketplace that allows boaters to make a reservation directly with the marina without going through a secondary channel, such as emails. By digitising analogue processes, Pick a Pier is the first to track vacancies created within marinas, allowing for smarter berth usage. In addition, proprietary data science algorithms will help marina price allocate their berths in the most optimal way.

// Differentiation

Pick a Pier work to find technological solutions to optimise a centuries-old industry and bringing it to the standards of other modern leisure industries. On the boater side, Pick a Pier makes it easier for boaters to plan their voyages and, for the first time, experience complete transparency when reserving a berth. On the marina side, it offers innovative tools to increase profitability, make the most available resources, and embrace environmentally-minded business practices.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Thanks to smarter utilisation of berths, marinas can make better use of the resources they already have. Thus, there will be less need to expand or build new marinas, keeping coastlines cleaner and clearer. In addition, Pick a Pier can track and generate actionable data on the impact of boating on the environment and identify trends in boating traffic that could help decision-makers.

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