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Lars Brandt

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// Description of activity

We design and supply an environmentally safe and sustainable mooring system for floating structures such as pontoons in marinas and energy devices such as Floating Solar platforms.

// Solution or Product description

Seaflex is a mooring system that replaces traditional mooring systems such as chain or piles. It offers very long life and as it does not touch the seabed, it can also be used in Posidonia seagrass areas.

// Unique selling proposition

A mooring system with the longest warranty, of 20 years, in the world.

// Differentiation

Traditional chains corrode over time and have to be replaced. Seaflex is made of stainless steel and also Titanium versions available in situations with high corrosion rates.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

We offer a solution that outlives traditional moorings by 3-4 times. Our solution can be used without destroying flora on the seabed, such as Posidonia.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina