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Water Optimisation
Water Optimisation


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// Description of activity

Robeau delivers a turnkey Smart City/Smart Marina Solution to manage in real time WATER consumption. With our 3 components (Sensors to measure, IoT protocol to collect data and Water management platform to optimise), we offer a new Solution to prepay Water consumption in Marina, detect leaks in real time and manage water consumption.

// Solution or Product description

We offer a turnkey IoT smart water solution with three components :
– Sensors to measure water used ;
– IoT protocol to collect all data ;
– Water management platform to analyse and optimise water consumption : prepaid water, leaks detection.
We can install all kind of diameters in Marina, from DN10 to DN200, to start to collect data and manage them.

// Unique selling proposition

ROBEAU mission is to reduce by 40% water consumption everywhere around the world to protect and preserve water as long as possible.

// Differentiation

The strength of our solution lies in ability to deliver a water consumption in real time and detect leaks also in real time, with a affordable cost of implementation and a quick Return On Investment.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

With our Smart Water management Solution, all properties owners can save more than 40% of water.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina