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Rubix S&I


Jean Christophe Mifsud

// Description of activity

Rubix provides environmental intelligence solutions, collecting & enriching data about perceived conditions, whether outdoor or indoor, for the benefit of decision makers through the use of AI and Edge IoT technologies. Inspired by humans, we digitize human senses and develop complex signatures applied to environmental analysis (gas, odors, particles, lights, sounds…).

// Solution or Product description

Multi-purpose IoT Network and Environmental Intelligence platform able in real time and 24/7 to ‘‘sense’’ (odors, gases, sounds…) and fingerprint meaningful events (drugs, gunshots, detergents, human behavior) to:
– Insure proper air quality and sanitary conditions
– Understand behaviors taking place on yachts
– Insure safety of people
– Perform predictive maintenance
– Detect Covid positive people (lab project)

// Unique selling proposition

Through our unique ability to digitize the human senses, we reveal the ambient conditions of an environment (indoor or outdoor). By making the invisible visible,
we provide our clients with actionable data to take action and improve their processes and operations.

// Differentiation

We are the missing link between sensor-centric and data-centric companies as we have the expertise in house to understand and process data coming from our
solutions. As such we are well positioned to develop data science around environmental data.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Through our mission we contribute to 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (amongst 17) defined by the United Nations. 3-Good Health & Well-being, 6-Clean Water & Sanitation, 9-Indsutry,Innovation & Infrastructure, 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities and 12-Responsible Consumption and Production.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina