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Energy Optimisation
Energy Optimisation


S.C. Nordic


Mogens Birkelund

// Description of activity

In the near future, with a 100 percent green energy system that will be largely based on fluctuating renewable production, new sources of flexibility will be needed. The consumption side will be a major part of providing the necessary flexibility. SC Nordic can aggregate different appliances and offer it for DR markets, delivering strong business cases and supporting green buildup.

// Solution or Product description

SCs technology ‘‘True Green’’ maps potentiel flexibility, aggregates to pool it all and capitalizes it for the benefit of our clients. UItilizing dynamic power prices +
generating revenues from DR has been the decisive tool for Carlsberg in their quest to achieve carbon neutrality, while keeping its investments profitable.
Carlsberg’s goal of zero emissions by 2030 has been reached, while saving 1.5mEuro/year.

// Unique selling proposition

SC can offer the solution without any up-front investment, and manages the solution without the client’s involvement. Being third party secures 100% freedom for our clients in PPA and energy trading.

// Differentiation

SC approval as a third party aggregator ensures 100% independence between DR revenue and traditional energy trading. Aggregation enables wide rollout.
Carlsberg: 100 ventilators + 6 cooling compressors.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Replacing fossil fuels by renewables establishes an equal need for Demand Response resources to maintain balance between production and consumption. Demand side flexibility is vital for future power grids.

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