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🇦🇹 Austria

// Description of activity

Seasy was founded in 2020 to make the life of marinas and sailors seamless, sustainable and digitized. In summer 2021, the company was featured as the leader of the marinas booking app in the German YACHT magazine.

// Solution or Product description

Seasy online platform is similar to the marketplaces of AirBnB & It offers management software to marinas as well as a booking platform to sailors with an extension to a personal sailing assistant with points of interest, heat maps and real-time sailing data.

// Unique selling proposition

Seasy is an ecosystem for a variety of beneficiaries. Austrian-based company is providing and will provide multiple solutions, starting from a booking platform, SaaS for marinas, automated processes, real-time sailing information, vessels movement heat-maps or even adaptive pricing.

// Differentiation

Seasy is a fully functioning solution scalable around Europe and further. It combines everything in one. Booking system, personal sailing assistant, marina manager, modern UX and easy-to-reach customer service.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

We inspire both marinas and sailors to improve their eco-friendly behaviour. We assess marinas from the sustainability point of view and make the outcomes public. To tackle the other side, we communicate tips & trick to sailors how to eco-behave during their sailing.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina