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Gorjan Agacevic
Partner – Head of Business Development

// Description of activity

Sense4Boat is a Next generation boat safety platform for boaters, marinas and yacht service providers. It leverages innovative IoT sensors, a dedicated IoT network (Sigfox) and a comprehensive online solution to reduce the main risk boats are exposed to while in a marina (fire, sinking / water damage, dead batteries, etc.). Simple to implement, versatile, safe.

// Solution or Product description

Our solution uses innovative IoT sensors, which monitors (in real time) all major risk boats are exposed to while they are in a marina: high water in the bilge, extremely high or low temperatures in boat compartments, battery health, etc. The sensors connect to a control center through a 0G IoT network and notify the marina in case of any emergency, cutting reaction time significantly.

// Unique selling proposition

B2C: Increased boat safety at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. Insurance discounts. B2B: Increased technical safety of the marina, upsell and cross-sell oportunities to marina guests.

// Differentiation

Standalone economical IoT Sensors which do not connect to the boat’s power. No expensive central unit needed. 10 minute installation. No SIM card needed. Integrated with marina operations.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Countries are restricting the use of automatic bilge pumps where diesel and oil can be mixed with water and pumped out to sea. Our system mitigates the increased risk that comes from those restrictions.

Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina