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Water Optimisation


SOG Water Solutions


Keenan Lawrence

// Description of activity

SOG Water Solutions is a start up company that develops and manufactures atmospheric water generation technology locally in South Africa. We source 100% of our components locally and therefore have up to 35% price and efficiency advantage over our competition. We aim to become a key player in addressing the climate related water problems in South Africa, Africa and globally.

// Solution or Product description

Atmospheric water generation technology harvests water vapour from the atmosphere to produce high quality and sustainable drinking water on-site. If you pour cold water into a glass on a hot day and leave it on a table for a few minutes, you’ll find water droplets forming on the outside of the glass. AWG technology harvests the water vapour, condenses it to form droplets and then captures the droplets.

// Unique selling proposition

Besides removing vertical buoy lines, every ROC system is a collection data point to make informed decisions, and provide information about catch rates, sea state, noise and the pinpoint tracking of assets.

// Differentiation

We source 100% of our components locally in South Africa. Our technology is also designed for the Southern African climate conditions. Due to the above points, we boast a 30% – 40% price and efficiency advantage over our competition.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

We build machines that produce water from air bringing opportunities to eliminate single use plastics, reduce CO2, create jobs, eeduce poverty, implement Solar PV driven water projects [Net Zero CO2] and savings vs bottled water [ROI < 8x months].

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