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Waste Management
Waste Management


Zohrab Mawani

// Description of activity

Refuel is developing facilities to produce low-carbon renewable fuels for use by air, ground and marine vessels to reduce emissions quickly and at large scale. This is achieved through the adoption of circular economy principles whereby societal waste streams are used as feedstock to produce liquid ‘‘drop-in’’fuels using the latest generation of fuel conversion technology.

// Solution or Product description

Refuel’s solution is low carbon liquid fuels. This product is a ‘‘drop-in’’ fuel and can replace high carbon (fossil-derived) fuels on a one-to-one basis without any changes to existing vessel propulsion systems and fuel delivery infrastructure. The solution contributes to cleaner air and reduces the amount of waste going into the environment by making use of these resources as feedstocks.

// Unique selling proposition

We offer customers the ability to decarbonize without an overhaul of fleets and infrastructure. We also offer a circular economy approach whereby customers can also achieve waste management benefits.

// Differentiation

Refuel’s solution has been approved by the Solar Impulse Foundation as a ‘‘Labeled Solution’’ due to the high level of technology maturity and the use of low-cost waste as feedstock.

// How does your company contribute to sustainability

Refuel takes a circular economy approach. We facilitate the reduction of GHG emissions and use waste resources as feedstocks, thereby contributing to cleaner air and earth environment.

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