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Highlights 2022

“The global impacts of climate change are expected to continue increasing in frequency and severity and will be irreversible for centuries, even millennia, and are undeniably linked to human activity,” said Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer & Global Head Sustainability Strategy, Advisory and Finance at Credit Suisse. The financial sector has a role to play, particularly in the blue economy. Investing in sustainable solutions can and should be used as leverage for inspiring strategies for new businesses.

The emergency is now, it is time to act - and in a thoughtful manner as evidenced by new resorts along the Red Sea region “inspired by nature to develop a conceptual resort that will leave the coastline intact,” as explained by Nicholas King, in charge of the Red Sea Development project in Saudi Arabia.
The European Commission continues to support development projects promoting sustainable maritime ecosystems, confirmed Linos Voskarides from the EC’s Directorate General Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Yacht owners have got the measure of the problem. While Richard Attias and Murat Vargi evoked the need for marinas to be pleasant places to live, Georges Cohen emphasised that before that happens it is vital some key aspects be addressed.

Appropriate electrification, as in Monaco, use of a clean fuel so as to no longer rely on diesel generators, application of existing regulations, managing grey and black water, and drinking water, recycling, etc. – all are challenges that many marinas need to address, as highlighted by Marco Casiraghi. Both speakers insisted those who do not respect the environment must pay the price for poor conduct. They were joined by superyacht captain Matthias du Verle for whom these changes should involve the concept and design of a yacht.


Concerns about sustainability took up most of the discussions between operators and developers. Beyond talking about practical solutions, often existing but not necessarily implemented, the international panel (Bahamas, China, Saudi Arabia, Monaco) insisted on the need to exceed the regulations.

While everyone admitted sustainable developments involved a big investment, they were seeing the value and not just from an ecological point of view. “Investment in protecting the environment should be included in companies’ accounts and incorporated into the overall value of any enterprise, which is not the case,” believes Brendan Jack, Director Sustainable Development at AMAALA (Saudi Arabia). Wang Dafu, President of the Visun Group in China echoed what had been said before explaining that use of green energy should be a priority combined with a much better use of resources.


Of the hundred-plus applications, only 55 companies from 30 countries were shortlisted to participate by the experts at Blumorpho. The adventure continued with the Grand Oral of interviews conducted by a jury of experts comprising 32 industrialists investors and representatives from companies who are a reference in their field.

Led by Credit Suisse, Bombardier, SBM Offshore, Veolia, Bouygues Construction, Colas, Bosch, Suez, Holcim, PureTerra Ventures, BtoV, Circularity Capital, SNGLR, SMEG, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Yacht Club de Monaco and NGE Connect, 160 online interviews were organised over a period of three weeks. During these orals, each startup had a chance to defend and promote their project in the hope of winning one of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marine Awards announced at the end of the day on 20th September.

After a Consensus Meeting (Thursday 16th September), 15 were selected in the following categories: equipment, health, energy optimisation, waste treatment, biodiversity and security. A handful went on to win the much anticipated prizes.


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Ido Sella | CEO & CO-FOUNDER
ECOncrete®️ is an award winning concrete technology that brings biodiversity, carbon storage, and superior structural performance to any marine infrastructure. The biogenic build-up also provides substantial structural and economic advantages in terms of increased stability and longevity, and a reduction in maintenance.
Flisvos Marina is a small-scale model of a town with meticulous architectural aesthetics, perfectly harmonized with the marine environment of the Athenian Riviera. Implementation of the €55 million investment plan transformed the marina into a modern, high-end marina, with the potential to dock 310 mega yachts. Flisvos Marina comprises 2.5 hectares of revitalising parkland and 6,200 sq.m. of high-end facilities with cafés, restaurants and shops, an open-air playground and the “Neraida” floating museum.
MARINA Coup de Coeur Award
The First full-service superyacht marina in the North American basin. Perfectly situated 160 miles from south Florida on the main navigation route from the United States to the Bahamas and Caribbean.

International Jury 2021

All the companies listed in the E-catalogue will select 3 jury members at their own choice and will receive feedback to further build collaboration and raise capital.

José Marco Casellini


Monaco Marina Management

Frédéric Genta

Monaco Government in charge of digital affairs and Country transformation

Monaco Extended

Samy Touati

General Secretary of the Ministary of public works, the environment and urban development

Government of Monaco

Olivier Wenden

Managing Director

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

Michel Buffat

Head of Aviation & Yacht Finance

Credit Suisse

Marco Ardigo

Managing Director

Credit Suisse

Christophe Degoumois

Vice President, International Sales


Bernard d’Alessandri

General Secretary

Yacht Club de Monaco

Scott Hall

Senior Vice President, Maritime Systems

Teledyne Brown Engineering

Séverine Baudic

Managing Director, New Energies & Services

SBM Offshore

David-Pierre Mangiapan

Sales Director

NGE Connect

Peter Lukassen

Circular Economy Manager


Nicolas Leterrier

Customers, Innovation and ONE Labs global

Schneider Electric

Marie Christine Huau

Water & Climate Strategy Director, Gemapi Markets - Coastline - Resources - Natural Environments


Julien Bourcerie

Head of open-innovation & Corporate Venture

Bouygues Construction

Philippe Sajhau

Vice Président IBM France Metropolitan Program Leader


Maarten ter Keurst

Director of Investments

Pureterra Ventures

Fernando Sandoval

Enel Innovation Hub Europe Manager


David Lerouge

Head of innovation


Miguel Angel Sanz

Director of Strategic Development


Klaus Kummermehr



Jerome de Richemont

Founding Partner

Blue Pelican Capital

Eric Pingat


Pingat Property & Hospitality

Arnaud Pingat


Pingat Group

Matthieu Horgnies

Technology Scouting Manager


Julia Shteingart

Managing director

Capsula TAU

Andrew Shannon

Founding Partner

Circularity Capital

Pierfranck Pelacchi

Sales Director – in charge of innovation scouting


David Subotic


DAS Capital

Sylvain Makaya



DR Elisabeth Schrey

Investment Manager



3 International Awards

Startup Award
Marina Award
Architect Award

Startup Award

The essence is to present new solutions and innovative technologies that help protect the environment in order to encourage their implementation in the building and management of more virtuous marinas.

monaco smart marina WInner Econcrete award monaco smart sustainable marina



ECOncrete®️ is an award winning concrete technology that brings biodiversity, carbon storage, and superior structural performance to any marine infrastructure. The biogenic build-up also provides substantial structural and economic advantages in terms of increased stability and longevity, and a reduction in maintenance.

Marina Award

This award is based on a strong vision that Smart Marinas are like micro-cities which can lead the way towards urban development that is more respectful of the environment, being aligned and in harmony with the Ocean so close by. Destined to become lively places where people want to be, future marinas are not only about yachting. They are a gateway to connect to all the associated facilities and services, and are duty-bound to be smart and sustainable – from initial conception.This award will reward the Marina which won over the public present at the Smart Marina event but also via the websites of Monaco Marina Management, the Yacht Club de Monaco and Blumorpho with its architecture, its environmental approach and the customer experience it offers. Submissions from all around the world are welcome.
Flisvos monaco smart sustainable marina


Flisvos marina

Marina award at monaco smart sustainable marina

Coup de coeur


Architect Award

This award recognizes design excellence of smart sustainable marinas and yacht clubs worldwide. The IGAA was created to advance the appreciation and exposure of measures taken for the environment as well as provision of features designed to enhance the customer experience. Submissions from all around the world are welcome.
Nba architects at monaco smart sustainable marina


Nbax Architecture & Design

Snohetta architet during monaco smart sustainable marina

Coup de coeur


Startup Participants
Marina Award
Architect Award


Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina